Normfinish AM Tumbler XL; efficient, careful finishing of 3D printed products

Normfinish 3D Tumble Blast XL machine3D-printed products often have to be finished after the fact in order to remove the powder, make the product glossy and/or add a certain structure/roughness. For this process, we have developed the Normfinish AM Tumbler XL. For printed parts in metal or plastic.

Serial production is increasing in the AM industry, which creates new requirements for the finishing process. The Normfinish AM Tumbler XL offers a solution.

Serial production

Especially designed for blasting series of plastic or metal parts in a rotating basket. With a cycle time of 10 minutes, you can finish a large number of products. When compared to manual blasting, this will save you many man-hours. The integrated timer allows you to achieve the same blasting result for each batch.

Adjustable angle

Each product has a different geometry. In order to evenly sand all parts in the basket for large series, it is necessary to achieve an even rolling motion. The Normfinish AM Tumbler XL allows you to automatically configure the rotational angle of the basket. This way, you can be sure of an even, reproducible process. This way, you can moreover guarantee a homogenous result if you are going to paint the products afterwards.

Normfinish 3D Tumble Blast XL korf

Easily change products

The ergonomic construction of the Normfinish AM Tumbler XL makes changing product series easy. At the end of the cycle, you can automatically set the basket in the load position, so you can unload and load via the front door. If necessary, you can remove the entire basket from the cabinet and directly place a new basket containing the next series.

Easy controls

The rotating basket (diameter 500 X 140 MM + up to 20 kg load) is easy to fill with 3D-printed parts. You can set the blasting time, and the process will take care of itself after that. If you would like to manually blast more complex products, you can remove the basket and blast manually.

Normfinish 3D Tumble Blast XL bedieningPowder-free parts

The integrated ionisation unit (optional) ensures powder-free parts at the end of the process. On top of that, the highly efficient cyclone ensures optimal dust extraction of the blasting medium, such as glass beads.

Atex processes class II 3/-D T125

The cabinet is ATEX-certified for processes class II 3/-D T125.