We manufacture blasting units and deliver a complete package in the field of blasting technology. From abrasives and accessories to blast cabinets, free blasting rooms and specials. Our people have plenty of know-how and can provide you with outstanding advice to come up with an appropriate solution for you. Together with our Engineering and Service departments, we provide you with a complete plan from order to maintenance.

Normfinish_Drukstraalcabine DP voorkant

Blast Cabinets

We develop and produce a complete range of standard blast cabinets ourselves. The blast cabinets are sold under two brand names: Normfinish and Mistral.

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doorvoerinstallatie automatic

Automated Blast Cabinets

Leering Hengelo is a manufacturer of automated blast cabinets. We can provide you with full automation of the blast process. Think, for instance, of pick&place units for loading and unloading of a blast installation, automatic storage for long products, vibrating feeders and transport systems.

The level of automation depends on the options your product offers. In addition, it is dependent on the quantities of products to be processed and the congruence of the products. We will be happy to offer advice in relation to your specific process.

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Normfinish straalhal met schrapervloer


Leering Hengelo is the leading specialist in the development and production of blast rooms. We have been designing and manufacturing blast rooms in-house for over thirty years. We can supply a wide range of products, which we sell and deliver worldwide!

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Mobile blastrooms

In addition to customized blast rooms, we also provide the “standard” mobile blast rooms. The mobile blast room is a completely factory-finished blast room and a unit (=LP2500) which is equipped with a cyclone, a blast vessel and a filter with automatic filter cleaning.

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Blasting abrasives

We can supply a wide range of abrasives direct from stock. We would be glad to help you select the most suitable blast media for your application. We can also be of service with regard to dust disposal.

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Powertrack Junior website

Mobile Blast Units

Are you looking for a solution for mobile blasting on site? The NORMFINISH Powertrack is a mobile blast unit that works on the principle of pressure blasting. We offer two varieties: the Normfinish Powertrack Junior and the Powertrack.

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Blast cabinet spare parts

You’ve come to the right place for your spare parts for your blast cabinet at Leering Hengelo. We have a wide range of accessories, from dosing cylinders to filter cartridges, from foot pedals to blasting gloves. With us you will find the complete range, usually deliverable from stock.

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Parts and accessories for free blasting

In addition to blast cabinets, rooms, wheel blasting units etc., we also provide a broad range of accessories and parts. We even keep them in stock and thus can provide rapid delivery.

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Measurement Technology

In order to perform the subsequent (follow-up) treatment after the blasting process, it is important that the required roughness is achieved. By choosing the correct abrasive in combination with the right blasting principle, you can achieve the desired result.

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