3D-print blast systems

We manufacture 3D-print blast systems under the brand name Normfinish. We supply both custom blast cabinets and the automated variant for finishing 3D-printed products, as per the wishes of our clients. Over the years, we have accrued a great deal of experience in serving Additive Manufacturing clients.


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The range of materials that can be used for 3D printing is steadily increasing, which is a positive development but one that necessitates extra attention. For removing powder, making the product glossy and/or rather obtaining a certain structure/roughness, blasting is often used as a finishing step.


Blasting of some products may create an explosive setting, and the system must comply with ATEX114 (was ATEX95). Materials to which this applies include titanium, but also alumide and PA2200, which have so-called ST and KST values, so they are subject to ATEX legislation. Leering Hengelo has a great deal of experience in engineering and fabricating ATEX certified systems for manufacturers of 3D printers and other major end users, such as Rolls Royce (aircraft engines).

Depending on the materials used, the blast cabinets are fitted with a rupture disk, flow sensor, non-return valve, ATEX filter cartridges, pressure release doors, earth cables, EX fan, etc. The system may be supplied with an ATEX Technical Construction File.

The ATEX version of a Normfinish blast cabinet is designed primarily to prevent explosion by earthing everything properly, for instance, or preventing sparks and reducing the volume of “fuel” used. The second aim is to ensure that even if an explosion were to occur, it is a controlled explosion, for instance using a rupture disk to avoid further damage to the system and prevent a dangerous situation arising for the personnel.


  • small products in large series
  • larger products, suited to manual finishing
  • products with specific indentations, e.g. holes
  • aeaerospace industry
  • medical industry
  • plastics industry
  • 3D-print factories


‘Normfinish 3D Tumble-Blast XL; efficient, careful finishing of 3D printed products’
‘Solution for finishing 3D-printed products in series’