Robot blasting installations

Under the brand name Normfinish, we are a producer of satellite blasting installations that can optionally be operated by a robot. These satellite blasting instalations are suitable for machining individual work pieces in small and large series. In addition to standard solutions, we also offer customised satellite installations. You can schedule a non-binding appointment with one of our consultants to find out whether we can help you achieve a faster and more efficient blasting process.


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Applications Normfinish satellite blasting installations

  • Fine blasting, polishing, finishing
  • Shot peening
  • Roughening of the surface (RA-RZ)
  • Surface cleaning, for example the removal of rust (oxides) and coating

Features of Normfinish satellite blast installations

Available in various models

  • Built-in satellite table with multiple positions in the installation. Products are exchanged in the installation
  • Mobile satellite table with multiple positions, allowing for products to be exchanged outside the installation
  • Continuous change of products during the process either robotically or manually

Article ‘Warning: Prevent fire extinguishers from rusting!